Download your 10 Reasons to Use Ving Technology in Your Communication Plan Checklist

An effective internal communication plan is essential for any organization. Abraham Lincoln said it best in his 1858 senate acceptance speech that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Everyone must work together in order to succeed, which is only possible through effective communication.

Administrators and employees should be able to communicate openly and easily in order to increase productivity and promote success. In every professional setting and at every level, communication is vital. Information needs to flow efficiently through the system in order for it to function properly. All members of the organization must communicate in order to succeed as a team. Misunderstandings on policies or procedures can lead to costly mistakes and reduced efficiency.  

Internal communication plans are meant to be guidelines for carrying out business strategy effectively and efficiently. Without communication, the whole process can and will fall apart.

Within businesses there must be communication between management and partnerships, corporate, and general team members. In the healthcare system, communication must flow through board members, CEO, administrators, physicians and the other  employees. It is important to have a comprehensive internal communication plan that utilizes today’s growing technology communication methods.

Updates to policies and procedures, changes to internal systems, and urgent information should be easy to communicate within an organization. Unfortunately, internal communication plans can sometimes be complicated and difficult to maneuver. Use this checklist to see what you can do to make your internal communication easier.