9 Short Lessons on How to Drive Defensively

(Your employees will love you for keeping them safe while driving.)

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This training explores the dangers of the two leading causes for accidents: drunk or impaired driving and distracted driving. This course explores the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body and how it affects your ability to drive.


The training video offers suggestions on how to avoid distractions, such as manual distraction (drinking a soda), visual distractions, and cognitive distractions (talking on the phone). All different types of driving distractions put people at risk. Driving with a pet in a car, insects getting in, and parents tending to children are all other dangers that drivers need to consider while trying to focus on the road. Multi-tasking while driving can be potentially dangerous. The training video offers suggestions on how to avoid distractions, and explains why driving under the influence must be avoided.



1. Driving Defensively


2. The Basics

3. Dealing With Distracted Drivers

4. Coping With Aggressive Drivers

5. Using Your Headllights

6. Driving in Bad Weather

7. Handling a Blowout

8. Sharing The Road

9. Wrapping Up Driving Defensively