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It doesn’t matter whether you have 20 or 200 employees, the safety of your team needs to be a top priority. This translates into far more than checking off boxes to meet minimum state and federal requirements. Overall safety should be measured by the strength of your safety culture.


Having a well-established safety program is great and the first step to a solid foundation for success. Think of your safety program as the nuts and bolts of your training. This would be your classes, posters, three-ring binders, and online training. Your safety culture is the positive safety attitude your employees have on the job, incentive programs, and more.


By the time you are done reading this eBook, you will be able to take your current safety program and turn it into a full blow safety culture!


Step #1

Lead The Way

Take one hour out of your week to make yourself present so that employees have the opportunity to talk to you and discuss their concerns. Spending time with employees will motivate them to work towards improving company culture. An added tip — let’s call this 1b — connect with your employees in their environment, or one they are comfortable in. This will create a greater chance of real feedback that you can then apply to your safety program and culture.

Step #2

Provide Ongoing Training

Make training available constantly. Your employees need to receive training more often than just during their first weeks on the job. Provide training to those who have missed work, need a refresher, or were not available during the original training time. Ongoing short bursts of training will keep safety fresh at your company. Think about it! If you are constantly sending short bursts of training your content will be constantly audited — it’s a win-win.


Step #3

Make Sure Everyone Is Involved

Hold a monthly meeting to be sure that employees know exactly what is required of them. These monthly meetings are also a great time to catch up on any safety that needs to be more hands on. A good example of this might be fire extinguisher training. No time for a meeting? Post the information somewhere that is easily accessible to everyone.

Step #4

Stay Ahead Of The Game

Stay current by scheduling time on your calendar on a regular basis to review: new training tips, learning styles, and/or tools. You don’t have to break the bank to implement safety training. Find training that best fits your workplace and your employees. Discovering new training methods or equipment that will make accomplishing safety easier doesn’t have to be a task that feels overwhelming. Schedule the time on your calendar, read a blog or two, and enjoy the break in your day.

Step #5


Step #6

Practice And Grow

Schedule 30 minutes each week to put your findings into action or discuss noticeable improvements. Start from where you are now in terms of your safety program and build your way up. This will help you consider what’s important and what could be pushed aside until a little later. We suggest 30 minutes and we mean it. Don’t try to do it all at once. It is important to slowly do a little at a time.


Step #7

Set Goals

Set a goal within a given timeframe (monthly, quarterly or annually) that can be achieved by having employees work together and stay at the top of their safety game. Include a manager, supervisor, and/or CEO to meet with your core group periodically to learn where deficiencies are, how to improve them, and set a timeframe to attempt to achieve them by. Consider benchmarking your company to others in similar industries to help you establish a goal line. Once you meet your goals set new goals off your own numbers.

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