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There is a lot of safety training out there. We hear all the time that it is dreadful to sift through it all. How in the world are you going to figure out what the differences are between tools let alone which one works best for your company?

Let Ving do it for you! We have the topics, the time, and the methods. This book will go over exactly what makes the Ving safety program stand out compared to the rest.

1.Building Your Library

Building your library is no longer a task that takes you months or even years to do. We provide you with a tool that is easy to use, content that is ready to use, and the ability to make your own.


This content is provided from an award-winning source that has been doing safety training for 30 years. We constantly are auditing their content and making sure that you have the latest and greatest. You can say goodbye to the days of hearing, “We have done this same boring training for 5 years.”



A three-year study found that leaders who scored lower on their assessment tests are 50% more likely to have employee injuries.


Effective leadership is crucial. We encourage people to customize their content by getting CEO/Leadership to share why training is important. Maybe you want to go over your own standard operating procedures, your unique approaches of business, your company policies and procedures, machine safety, etc.


You can add these messages in whatever format is comfortable for you — video, text, audio, images, etc.



All of our safety training is reviewed by experts in their field from safety consultants, and in special cases, OSHA to ensure compliance with specific titles.


All of our pre-made vings typically contain videos that are only 5-7 minutes, have additional documents that further explain what they’re learning in the video, and questions that have already been set to ensure employees are retaining information and allow you to gauge how well they do.

2.Ving Success

With Ving Success, you will always have the same hands-on team member there for you. You are no longer the 17th person in the support line to be connected to someone that can help you.


Your Ving Success Team Member (VSTM) will help you;

  • Set up your account.
  • Teach you how to use the tool.
  • Filter and suggest your safety topics based on your company needs.
  • Show you how to optimize your safety program.
  • Encourage and show you how to build a safety culture.
  • Suggest a safety calendar — created based on OSHA, NSC, and other trusted sources.
  • Give 1-1 attention for the life of your account.



Your safety culture needs to have goals. Your VSTM is there to help you figure out what your goals are and help you reach them.


Every 4-6 weeks they will check in with you, provide tips, answer questions, and provide if any, product updates. Each of these check-ins can be done via email, phone, or video call — we like to keep life flexible.


Goals are set for 30 days, 90 days, 120 days and so on.

3.Knowledge Base & Support


We provide a wealth of FAQs and step-by-step instructions on certain tools or features of our platform that are available to you. The help center is available 24’7 and provides you with an opportunity to contact us via chat or email.


Check out our Help Center with FAQs, How Tos, and more.

The VST is constantly pushing out new content. Recently we created this simple walk through video for some of our less savvy viewers.


The workforce is made up of all ages and we are here to accommodate.


HubSpot Video


Not everyone enjoys email. We understand that. As communication is evolving so is our way to deliver training to your employee. It is not just about when they need it, it is about how they need it too.


You can text, email, or post a ving safety microburst to your employee. This allows less training on how introducing the training platform and teaching them how to log in and use the system. Your employees will consume their training with the contact information (email and password) that they are use to and on the device and in the browser that they prefer.


Talk about customization with no effort. Your training is optimized automatically for the device and browser your employees love. You don’t have to give us any of the credit either — just enjoy being a modern safety training rockstar.

5.Ving Analytic Reports

Keeping paper-based logs of who did the training or who got the company memo can become cumbersome and very overwhelming. We suggest you leave that up to Ving too! Your analytics can not be deleted or archived so don’t worry about reporting until you need to — end of the month, disengaged employee, OSHA visit, etc.


With our reports, you can see:

  • Opens
  • Visits
  • Views
  • Invites
  • Progress
  • Question Results
  • Create Date
  • First View
  • Last View
  • Recent Activity
  • Completed Date
  • Any more!

6.Continued Safety Growth

Safety isn’t just about the program. It is about the culture.

You need a resource bookmarked as your go to safety tips and tricks. We have a few that we think you will love.




You can subscribe to any of these resources and get them delivered right to your inbox.

Grow Your Safety Program With Ving!

We are on a mission to make sure more dads, moms, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and friends make it home safely. We can offer you an online safety program that is set up to deliver microbursts of safety training to your employees.

What is better than some of the above steps automatically happening for you?


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